The Floot


The Floot is an additive MIDI monosynth designed to sound flute-like. It is composed of 3 wavetable oscillators and one noise generator. Each of these sources is associated with an ADSR and NCA stage. Two of the wavetable oscillators are high quality sinewave tuned to the fundamental and an octave above it, with the third oscillator representing a slightly soft clipped sinewave. The noise source is provided to imitate "breath". MIDI pitch bend is implemented. The Floot is controlled by two potentiometers (or control voltages). One pot controls "breathiness" while the other controls portamento time. Mod wheel controls the amount of distorted sinewave (which gives rise to some 3rd harmonic).

The synth with included MIDI controller is contained in one dsPIC IC.
The code is written mostly in C (C30) with time critical or special functions written in assembly language.

Musical Examples of the Floot Instrument