Scott Gravenhorst is available as a contractor for VB.NET programming, FPGA design work, PIC and dsPIC development. This includes coding, prototyping, testing and problem resolution.

I am currently working with a ZYBO board. This board has a Zynq (Z-7010) IC which features 2 ARM Cortex-A9 MPcore processors and a good size chunk of FPGA fabric. I am currently at the "board bring-up" stage since there currently is no immediately useable Linux package for the board.

You can see what I've done with FPGAs and audio here.

All but one of the synthesizers shown on this site use a VB.NET patch editor program as the synth's front panel. Communication is accomplished over a serial connection through a COM port.

  • VB.NET
  • C
  • Various microprocessor assembly languages including dsPIC
  • Verilog (FPGA, CPLD)

I will send a resume upon request.

I Fix Older Technology PC Equipment

My business email address is:

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